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Portraits, editorial, product photography, landscapes, fine art... telling a story with a single image is one of the most gratifying ambitions one can pursue in content creation.  The secret of getting incredible shots is having the experience to know what to plan for... but to also be ready for those unexpected moments.


Connecting brands to people is more than just exposure.  It's research and exploring a dialogue with the consumer.  It's helping a client find a voice for their brand and sometimes it's discovering and even inventing new ways to engage customers. It's about creating something that a customer can not only relate to but is compelled to seek out and connect with.


From testimonials and commercials to documentaries and feature films, motion pictures are capable of conveying an enormous amount of information in a relatively short amount of time. But it takes experience and skill to craft video content that looks and sounds professional - regardless of the budget available.

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Helicopter Flight To Portage Glacier - Kenai Peninsula, Alaska


Working with everyone from small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies and major media producers like HBO and Netflix, I’ve enjoyed creating content for national and international clients.  I have travelled all over North America and across the globe to places like China, Nicaragua, and Peru (even deep into the Amazon Jungle) to help craft messages that connect to people - to move and inspire them in ways that strive to be meaningful.


I am most passionate about narrative based outreach: leveraging a brand’s ability to engage a community by telling their stories while simultaneously accomplishing advertising objectives.  I approach the communication needs of clients with an emphasis on beautiful imagery as well as the art of this storytelling. I believe that in order to effectively convince people that they should hear what you have to say, you need to give them something worth looking at and listening to.

Shawn Hamer 

Director | Producer | Photographer

22 time Emmy Award recipient with over 25 years of experience in photography, television, graphic design and advertising

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